An expertise of more than 45 years in welding and boiler making

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Expert welder in Herblay, Val-d'Oise

Ets HAAK offers various services in design and welding on different types of metals.

We handle projects in Herblay, Paris and Versailles.

Approved skills in all types of welding jobs

Ets HAAK offers a high level of technical mastery in welding various metals. Our skilled technicians strive to meet all the needs of professionals from different sectors. Our welders have extensive experience in various welding processes on steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metals. This allows us to offer you diversified services in the fabrication of many types of welded structures. Whatever the size of your project, we guarantee results to the height of your expectations. Our welding workshops remain at your service for the production of your customised orders.

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Intervention of qualified welders on all types of welding work

Count on our expertise in welding mechanics

Ets HAAK's expertise in the welding of mechanical parts is much sought after. We offer our unique know-how in the design and assembly of your production tools. Our team ensures a professional execution and completion of your project. To ensure the reliability and longevity of our products, our welders work with modern equipment. Our industrial welding workshops have all the technical and material means necessary for the delivery of your orders. Do not hesitate to trust our professionalism and benefit from services that meet your expectations.

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 Reliable and durable welded structures

In order to provide services that meet your needs, we ensure:

  • A better accompaniment and personalised advice
  • Intervention by qualified and experienced professionals
  • Fast execution according to your time constraints

For the success of your welding work, our skilled team is at your disposal.