An expertise of more than 45 years in welding and boiler making

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Specialist in the manufacturing and fitting of industrial piping in Herblay

Ets HAAK has a solid experience in manufacturing and repairing all types of industrial piping.

Our skills are at your disposal if you have a project in Herblay, Paris or Versailles.

Design and fabrication of your industrial installations

Ets HAAK has various expertise in the design, manufacture and assembly of industrial piping. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to provide quality services to different industrial sectors. We have a unique know-how in the production of pipelines for the energy and chemical industries. We also work in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, stationery and cement industries. You can count on us for the production of piping with all metallic materials, stainless steel, copper or aluminium. To benefit from an approved expertise in the field, do not hesitate to entrust us with the study of your project.

Tuyauterie industrielle Herblay
 Advanced expertise in all industrial pipework

Benefit from our technological and technical advances

The activities of Ets HAAK are vast and varied in industrial piping. The nature of our interventions in any given industrial sector depends on each project. We are able to handle an order from concept to completion with highest levels of professionalism. Our technicians also provide services for the repair and maintenance of industrial piping. You can call our boilermakers and welders for specific jobs as well. Whatever your request, our workshops ensure the efficient use of advanced equipment and innovative technologies.

Tuyauterie industrielle Paris
 Our services are tailored to complete your industrial piping project to your exact requirement

To satisfy your industrial piping needs, we ensure:

  • Detailed analyses, calculations and specifications
  • Quality productions in our workshops
  • Montages made by qualified professionals
  • Experienced pipe fitters and welders

Our expertise in industrial piping remains at your service, trust us with your projects.