An expertise of more than 45 years in welding and boiler making

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Your professional industrial boiler maker in Herblay (95)

In the field of boiler making, Ets HAAK offers you its know-how in Herblay, Paris and Versailles.

Our workshops provide a diversified range of services suited to your needs in industrial boiler making.

Boiler work with all types of metals

Ets HAAK is specialised in the design and production of all types of boiler materials. We manufacture your parts with all types of metals, whether steel, copper or aluminium. We also have proven expertise in the design and fabrication of mechanical parts of all kinds. Our clientele is made up mainly of professionals in light industry. Our know-how in industrial boiler making covers all your needs in welding, sheet metal and industrial piping. Do not hesitate to entrust us with the study, design and finalisation of your project.

Chaudronnerie industrielle Herblay
 Recognised expertise in the design and machining of all boiler parts

Your orders are handled by expert professionals

Ets HAAK masters all techniques for the machining of mechanical parts and the manufacture of various products in metal structure. Our staff has long-term experience in industrial boiler making. Whatever the complexity of your project, our technicians accompany you till its finalisation. In addition to machining, you can also call our services for all turning, boring and milling work. Do not hesitate to contact our skilled technicians for the specific treatments of your welded parts. Whatever your needs, your satisfaction is our priority.

Chaudronnerie industrielle Paris
 The fabrication of your boiler parts carried out by qualified technicians

In order to meet your expectations, we ensure:

  • A detailed study and analysis of your project
  • Personalised design advice
  • A quick and detailed quote
  • Manufacture of parts on plan
  • On time delivery

Do not hesitate to trust our know-how for the assessment of your project.