An expertise of more than 45 years in welding and boiler making

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Your boiler workshop in Herblay, Val-d'Oise (95)

Each boiler factory of Ets HAAK provides customers with comprehensive services in the design and manufacture of industrial boilers.

We provide our services in Herblay, Paris and Versailles.

A versatile know-how at your service

The workshops of Ets HAAK manufacture all types of boiler parts. We cater to all orders from different business sectors. We make and deliver parts for the food, chemical or petroleum industries. We also have the advantage of being able to provide diverse services to professionals in other sectors. Whether you operate in the building, aeronautics or textile industry, our boiler workshop offers unique expertise. The focus of our business is to provide you with the right solutions to meet your needs in boiler parts.

Atelier chaudronnerie Herblay

 A specialist boilermaker workshop for the manufacture of mechanical parts

Hand your project to an experienced team

Entrust your boiler making project to a professional known for unmatched expertise. Ets HAAK accompanies you in the execution of your project, whether small or large. A team of qualified technicians will take care of the customised production of your products. Whether it is a metal structure or mechanical part, we will use our solid experience to deliver quality results. We use high-performing machines to meet your expectations and complete your project to your exact requirements. In our workshop, we only make boiler parts that suit your needs.

Atelier chaudronnerie Paris
 We ensure the delivery of boiler parts conforming to your technical file

Our boilermaker workshop is involved in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of:

  • Various production tools
  • Welded parts
  • Industrial piping
  • Metallurgy and sheet metal

Our boilermakers have diversified skills, entrust us your project.